Thursday, December 4, 2008

This November

Wow!  November flew by!  I can't believe it's already December!  Ok well where do I start?  Thanksgiving was great!  It's tradition to go to dinner and a movie the night before with the Smiths.  It's great because even though we didn't spend Thanksgiving day with them, we still felt like we celebrated the holiday with most of the family.  We went to Garcia's and then headed over to the Megaplex to watch Bolt.

It was a really cute show.  Boston actually sat on our lap and really watched about half the show.  Minus the glasses.  Of course he wouldn't keep them on.  I kinda felt bad that it was all blurry for him though!  But then he had a blast playing with all the chairs.  It was a cute show, but I expected there to be more jumpy out of the screen stuff.  

The next day we drove down to Idaho and had an amazing dinner!  I love turkey dinner!  It's always so nice to get together with family and spend time with them especially when you don't get to see them very often.  We got to meet my new little cousin Grant and he is just adorable and looks just like his daddy James just like his big brother did.  I am telling you I have never seen a baby that is so identical looking to their dad!  It's pretty cute.  Yes I had my camera but sadly didn't take very many pictures.  Except of this....

We had Boston Baked Beans for dinner too!  Sadie is only about a week younger than Boston and she's so strong!  She was pushing Boston around the whole house in this pot, it was hilarious!

This last week my sweet mother-in-law decided the girls needed to go on a shopping trip and boy did we shop!  We went to Scottsdale, AZ and shopped till we dropped!  It was a blast!  We stayed in the cutest hotel ever called the Royal Palms.  It was beautiful!  It used to be a mansion someone lived in and now it is a hotel.  The weather was awesome...75-80 the whole time.  The malls there are just huge!  I felt like we didn't even put a dent in any of the malls we went to.  We went to the spa one night for massages that were wonderful!  And we shopped some more and had great food!  I was so sad I forgot my camera cause it seriously was hilarious how many shopping bags we had.  They filled the floor in our hotel room!  We ate at this cute place called the Pink Taco.  Perfect for a girls trip!  And yes they actually have a pink taco on a pink tortilla with pink onions too.  Unfortunately they ran out of the pink tortillas but it was pretty good!  But we will definitely be going back just to see what the Pink Taco really looks like!  It was so fun shopping and just being with the girls.  I left Boston home with Ryan and was really nervous about it because I haven't left him for that long ever!  He did so good and Ryan had a blast with him too.  Thanks Chuck and Julie for a fun early Christmas gift!

Boston is doing so well!  I can't believe he is 15 months!  At his appointment these were his numbers:
weight: 19 lbs 3 oz...below the 5th percentile
height: 31 in...50th percentile
head circumference:19 in...75-90th percentile!  He has lots of brains!

I just can't believe how much he is learning right now.  He has about 12 or thirteen words he says...hi, bye, hey, momma, dadda, bubbo (for his blanket, I'm not quite sure how he came up with it), uh-oh, no, b-ray (his nickname my brothers call him), owie, ball, more and we are working on please and thank you right now.  

I couldn't help but post this picture of Jaylee and Boston.  Ever since they were little little, they've always been such cute little friends.  Well now that they've both learned how to kiss, they always give kisses whenever they see each other.  This time I was trying to get them to kiss for the picture and Boston was too into playing with the steering wheel, but Jaylee was totally into it!  So cute!  This I'm saving for their wedding video!

Oh and he's such a great dancer!  It's so cute...any time he hears music he can't help but jam out to it!  He's so cute and we just love him so much!

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