Thursday, June 18, 2009


We have been so busy ( I know I always say that, but it's so true!) So here is what we have been doing lately!

My little brother Travis graduated this year.  Way to go Trav!  We are so proud of you!
Travis and his best friend Jon.  These two are inseparable!

It was a great day.  I was pregnant with Boston at the last graduation in our family, so it was kind of like deja vu!  I bet it feels good to be all done Trav!  Next step...start school and prepare for you mission!  Way to go we are so proud of you!

on June 5th Ryan's brother Dan was married to Brittany Rose in the Salt Lake Temple.  What a neat experience that was to witness.  We are so proud of you two!  Here we are waiting for them to come out!

The cousins waiting

Boston and Jane.  They are so dang cute together.  Boston just follows her around and wants to do whatever his cousins are doing.  These two are about 14 months apart and Boston just loves her!

Daniel and Brittany Smith for the first time!

As soon as they came out of the temple Boston jumped out of my arms and yelled Dan Dan!  And ran to his uncle Dan.  It was pretty darn cute!

Yes it was raining for their pictures.  But I think it all turned out ok.  The pictures will be beautiful regardless.  Besides it's what took place that day in the temple that matters the most.

The whole Smith side of the family.

Ryan, Nick, Dan and Dave

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids.

The girls.

Our little family at the reception.

The two most handsome boys ever!  Isn't Boston's little tux SO cute?  I love these two!

Brittany actually met Dan because she is one of my sister's friends and Ryan set her up with Dan.  So it was fitting that my sister caught the bouquet!  But she's not dating anyone so if any of you know of any cute guys for her let me know!

You two are a beautiful couple and we wish you the best of luck with what's to come in your life together!

For my birthday, Ryan surprised me with a trip to Disneyland.  What a fun present!  We left the day after the wedding and stayed for a week.  Our friends Nick, Sheena and their baby were with us for a few days.  It was such a blast!

Boston loved Autumn.  He kept calling her Aulo, but eventually got her name down.  Isn't she cute?

Boston loved the carousel.  We rode it over and over and over again.

We went to the beach one day.  The water was way too cold to get in, but the boys had a blast playing in the sand.

This was Boston's other favorite ride.  The car would go in circles around the track and whip you around the corners.  Boston would just laugh.  It was so funny.  We would get off and he would say again again!

My cute boys!

He loved Dumbo too.  He calls him Numbo.

And in Toon Town he loved driving all the cars.  He didn't want to let any of the other kids have a turn and he would cry if we took him away.  It was pretty funny.  It was so much fun to go on vacation with just our little family.  We haven't been somewhere just us since our honeymoon.  So it was great.  And we wanted to do a trip before I got too huge (although I am pretty big :->) and before Boston turned 2 so we didn't have to buy him a plane ticket.  Thanks honey for the surprise and thanks to Chuck and Julie for the awesome accomodations! 

So we got home from Disneyland on Friday and Boston and I headed to Bear Lake with my family to their condo to celebrate my mom's birthday.  Happy 50th mom!  We went to the Minnetonka Caves  on Monday and I wasn't sure how I would handle 888 stairs but you better believe I did every single one of them!  It wasn't that bad cause we would stop with the tour guide every few minutes.

Ryan couldn't come because he had to work after missing a whole week but we missed him.  Mom I hope you had a wonderful birthday!  You are the best mom, grandma, wife and mother-in-law any of us could ever ask for!  We love you!

And as far as baby news goes, here I am at 30 wks.  I know it's a terrible picture of me!  This was taken at Bear Lake after just lounging around.

We had an appointment yesterday and here is our little guy.  Isn't he so cute?  He's really starting to fill out.  Before he kind of looked like a little skeleton still but he is getting chubby cheeks now and he's really looking like a baby I think.

He weighs 3lbs 6 oz and the Dr says everything looks great!  What a relief to hear.  I love getting ultrasounds done every time just so I know everything is going well.  He is moving around a lot and Boston loves to sing songs and gives loves to his 'broder'.  We don't have a name picked out yet so we could really use any suggestions that any of you might have!

Here is just a cute video of Boston being Boston.  He's a funny kid!  The other one won't upload so I'll try it again later.

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