Sunday, September 26, 2010


It's running season!

Eric ran the Top of Utah Marathon and did awesome!  He beat his last marathon time by 8 min!  
When he was done running, we kept asking him how he felt and he said he felt great!  We couldn't believe how good he was doing right after.  He was happy and all smiles!

All the runners could get a 15 min massage and he surely didn't pass that one up!

This was a big race Dustin had in Murray.  He came in 16th out of 3000 people!  Way to go Dust!  You totally deserve it!

Dustin is the SBO President at Weber High this year.  So for the homecoming dance my parents were supposed to chaperone.  My dad was out of town though, so my mom asked me to go with her.  It was so much fun.  The dress styles definitely have changed since I was in high school. I don't ever remember short prom dresses.  I'm not sure how much I like them to be honest.  It doesn't feel like it was that long ago I was there, but really it was 8 years ago!!  I feel old!  But we still had a blast:)

So any of you that know me at all, know that I am totally NOT a runner.  But my friends called me up and told me they needed an extra teammate for the Dirty Dash.  They said it was an obstacle course through mud.  So I said what the heck, that sounds like fun.  So I told them I would do it.  Then I find out it's a 10k race/obstacle course through mud.  So we trained for the 2 weeks we had to train before the race and man did it kick our butts!  But we had SO much fun doing it!  Here we are the HOT PINK LADIES.  Dont we look good!!

I thought the race was going to be pretty flat and like just in a circle or something.  But this muddy hill was the very start of it.  And we ran up it.  Probably we should have saved our energy, because pretty much the whole first half of the race was uphill.  it was SO hard!

Most people didn't know what this race was when I told them about it.  But it's a pretty popular race!  People go all out and put on crazy costumes and just have fun doing it.  So here is the crowd at the starting line.

This is how thick the mud was at the starting hill.  And it was even thicker than this throughout the race.

Pulling each other through the mud hill, trying to keep from our shoes getting sucked into the mud and off our feet!

Climbing over these walls was only one of the obstacle courses.  We had to run through an artificial snowmaker blowing water through it (we could hardly breathe), then we jumped over haybales, and climbed through tunnels.

This slide we went down was close to the end of the race.  We had to cross little rivers, walk/attempt to run through a football field of mud, and run through tire holes.  And at a few of the obstacles, there were people with big, high pressured hoses squirting you.  At the wall, I got stuck on top and the guy was squirting the hose straight at me and he wasn't gonna stop until I got down!

This was the last thing we had to do.  It was a big mud pool.  Gross!

And here we are finally at the finish line!  Jaisha, Kate, Me, Melanie, Nikki.  Way to go girls!  We did it!  And even though it kicked my butt, I can't wait to do it again next year!

So my brother Dustin had a big, important race in Boise the same day.  My family told me they were going up to watch him.  I totally was fine with it because it really was an important race for him.  College scouts were there looking at the kids and everything.  (He did awesome by the way)  So I wasn't expecting them to be there at all.  So I get up there and as I'm getting ready to start the race, there they were!  They said, we always watch Dustin run and since this is pretty much the first race I've done in all of my 25 years, they wanted to come watch me.  I was so surprised and glad that they came to watch.  Eric was kinda wishin he was doing it with me:).  Thanks family!!! I love you all so much!  You are always there for each and every one of us kids!  Definitely the best family ever!!!  And isn't my hubby the best?  He came to see me also, instead of going to the BYU game.  That's true love! 

By the way...we've been loving the warm weather and on any given day, you can find these two boys doing this on the back porch.  I love my boys!!

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