Friday, January 1, 2010

Our busy December...warning...picture overload!

Wow it's only been just a couple of weeks, but we have been crazy busy, just like all the rest of you!  For the Smith Christmas pary, we went to Fat Cats and bowled and ate!  So much fun!  I love getting together with everybody!  Boston especially loved the bowling!

Then for Christmas this year my parents decided to take our family on a cruise!  It was SO much fun!  We went to Catalina Island and Ensenada Mexico.

As soon as we found out we were going on a cruise, my husband decided to grow out his chest hair so he could do the hairy chest contest.  But when it came down to it, he about chickened out until Dustin said he would do it too.  It was so funny!  My husband was definitely the hottest one out there!  I did get video of his dancing, but he wouldn't let me put it on.  He said I already embarrassed him with the last video I put on!

Chillin out watchin the hairy chest contest!

Boston was in heaven being with his grandparents, aunt, and uncles all day everyday.  He idolizes them!  Here he is copying Eric.  Too cute!

Before the ship took sail, looking out over San Diego.

My dad taught Boston how to look into the binoculars, and that was his new favorite toy.

During one of the night shows, Santa came and Boston was so excited to sit on his lap.  It was so cute!

On the top deck, the boat had a miniature golf course.  Boston tried being a big boy like everyone else, and actually he started getting pretty good by the end.  But he loved it!

Playing some mini golf!

Formal night.  Aren't these handsome boys!

I wish I had more pictures of all the food we ate.  This night was the lobster.  A typical dinner for the boys consisted of 2-3 appetizers, 2-4 main courses and 2-3 desserts.  Wow can you say weight gain!!!!  The food was SO good!  And that is not including the 24 hour pizza and ice cream, the sushi bar everyday, the room service, and breakfast and lunch!  Holy cow!  But hey, it's not everyday you can eat like that right?

On the little boat riding into Catalina Island.

We rented golf carts and rode around the whole island.  It was so much fun and it was such a beautiful island!  Eric says it reminds him of an upscale Jamaica.

Looking from the top of the Island to our boat.

The cruise ship won't allow babies younger than six months to come on the boat.  So we had to leave our sweet little Carter boy home.  We sure missed him, but know he was in good hands!  Thanks everyone who helped watch our baby.

The water was way too cold for most of us to get in, but Eric was brave enough to go snorkeling for a little bit.  The rest of us were too chicken!

The whole crew!

Beautiful Catalina!

The next day we were in Ensenada Mexico.  We took a bus ride down to the biggest blow hole in the world.  It was pretty cool.  Boston loved watching the water spray up.

Right next to the blow hole was a mexican flee market.  Here are the boys with the gear they got.  

Boston was scared of this guy!  Thanks mom and dad for the most memorable Christmas vacation yet!  We will always cherish the memories we make together!
After the cruise, me, Ryan , Boston and John all drove home so we could get home to our Carter and John could get home to his family for Christmas.  

Speaking of Christmas here is our Christmas tree.

Christmas this year was so much fun.  Boston was so excited and happy!  Carter got all of Boston's baby toys.  It worked out perfect because Boston didn't remember any of them!

Boston was excited to get new clothes and candy and his uncle Nick's tonka trucks he had when he was a little boy.  

Then we headed over to the Smiths.  We got spoiled like always.  While we were in Arizona shopping all day, we were in Buckle trying to find some cute jeans for Nick.  Then Julie decided it would be fun for all of us to get new jeans for Christmas.  It was pretty cute watching everyone try on their jeans.  Here is everybody with our cute new jeans!  Thanks Chuck and Julie for making this Christmas extra special like always!

Then we headed over to the Randall's house.  Eric got the sexiest musks from Grandpa Randall.  We always love opening grandpa's gifts!  You can tell he puts a lot of thought into them.  So this one was just funny!

Boston got spoiled like always.

Eric got Boston a matching poncho like all the other boys.  So cute!

Travis and my cute boys!

This is usually how you can find Dustin if he's not out running...texting on his phone with the biggest smile on his face!  Hilarious!
What a wonderful Christmas we had!

This is the only picture I got of our New Year.  I made this yummy treat and boy was it yummy!  It had all the goods in it!  

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas like we did and we hope that the new year brings much happiness to all of you!  2010 here we come!

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