Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Random Pictures

This is how we had to squeeze into the auto rickshaws everyday! Carter loved just sitting out on the balcony and watching the "vroom vrooms" in his words :)

This is a power pole that is directly across the street from my family's house.

One day while we were in Rajimundry, our driver took us around the village and Eric showed us around his old area. While driving down the street, we passed this truck that had two elephants in it! And yes they were live elephants! It was crazy!

On Christmas day, we went to a Hindu wedding of a relatives. It was amazing! Apparently, they plan their wedding time according to the stars. So that is why there's landed on Christmas day. The couple sits on this platform and their family sits around them in a tight circle. And then the hindu priests sit in front of them and chant these things. There is loud music playing the whole time. And then the guests could come up and bless them with the rice on their head. This marriage was an arranged marriage.

One of the nights, we all of the sudden heard these loud bomb like noises outside our door. So we ran out and saw this parade of people standing right in front of the house. It was some kind of hindu holiday and they all walk around without shoes and carry these candles while some people play the drums and others dance around in a circle.

And this parade went all the way down the street.

And they would dance and light fireworks (the big ones! You know..the kind that are illegal here) and make there way through the whole neighborhood. At the end of the parade line was their God that they were worshipping.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Think Christmas!

Ok I found the BEST Christmas gift for you all!! So affordable and amazingly beautiful! Mitzi is an amazing photographer and has started selling pictures of temples that are just SO beautiful! Check out her website here...http://buyldstempleprints.blogspot.com/

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