Thursday, August 21, 2008

A tribute to our little 1 year old!

I can't believe that our little Boston has turned 1!  Here is a look back at his oh so sweet and precious little life...

He started in my belly!  Even then he already had friends!

Then on August 15, 2007 at 2:14 pm his precious little spirit came into the world and stole all of our hearts away weighing 6 lbs 9 oz and 19 1/2 in long.

At 1 month, he was learning to pose for the camera!

At 2 months he was training to be a missionary.

At 3 months he met his best friends in the world.

He was 4 months old on his first Christmas and was the perfect Anne Geddes baby in that outfit!

At 5 months he mastered the innocent puppy dog eyes look that just melts his parents hearts!

When he turned 6 months old, his daddy thought it was time to start training him for the NBA.

At 7 months, he was spoiled with a trip to Hawaii!

At 8 months, he tried his first pickle and thought it was the weirdest taste!

And at 9 months he was already telling us what to do!

At 10 months he started looking like a little boy and not a baby anymore especially with that haircut. :(

11 months was his first camping trip.

And now he's 1 year old!  I can't believe it.  I swear it seems like just yesterday we brought him home from the hospital!  

He has so many family and friends that came over for a BBQ to help us celebrate and show how much they love him!

I made these corn-on the-cob cupcakes for everybody and thanks to Albertsons (they do a baby's first birthday cake for free!) Boston had his own little cake.  We decided we would set him on a tarp (Ryan's idea) and just let him go at it.

At first he wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do.

Then with the help of his daddy and cousins he started getting the hang of it...

And after he tasted it, he couldn't help but get it all over the place!  But hey that's what first birthdays are for right!

After he got all bathed and cleaned up, he opened all of his gifts and his cousins were loving showing him how do it!  Thanks everybody for coming and creating memories for our little Boston!  He loves all of his new clothes and toys!  He is so lucky to have so many friends and family!  We took him to the doctor today and he now weighs 18 lb 2 oz and is 29 1/2 in long and is healthy as can be besides having a little cold.

Boston we are so grateful that you chose to come to our family.  Your dad and I would not be complete without you.  You bring so much joy and love to our family.  We are so honored to be your parents.  We love you son!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Lake Powell July 2008

We had such a blast in Lake Powell last week.  It's such a beautiful place!

Boston did so good other than he got sick for a couple of the days.  He had a fever one day and then he had a pretty bad cough and was really congested.  I'm not sure why, but I didn't bring his medication with me, so the poor little guy was just not feeling well.  And it didn't help that he was getting another tooth too, so he had a runny nose on top of that.  But no worries, he started feeling better towards the end of the trip and now he is doing great!

The scenery in Lake Powell is just overwhelmingly beautiful!  This sunset was just amazing.

This was in a little canyon we went through.  It was awesome!  We stopped to do a little cliff jumping.  It was so fun!

Here's Ryan doing a dive.  It always makes me nervous when he dives because a few years ago, he hurt his back diving off the highest board at Lava Hot Springs.  So I usually have to close my eyes and not watch.  

Boston and his daddy!

The boys loved staying up late and watching basketball games and movies all night long while the girls played many games of hand and foot!

One thing that helped Boston feel better was getting bathed in the Lake.  The water was SO warm you wouldn't believe it!  It seriously was like 84 or 85 degrees!  You know how usually when you get in there is the shock factor and then you get used to the water?  Well there was no shock factor at all!  It was just like a swimming pool!

Boston's cousins just love him so much!  They had so much fun pretending to be his mommy and playing with him all week long.

This is me ATTEMPTING to surf.  I really had know idea what I was doing.  But it was a lot of fun!

This is my husby who totally knew what he was doing!  The boys became pros at the surfing thing!  They could carve up and down the wave and Ryan almost was able to do a 360.  It was pretty cool.

Jacque even got on with her dad and surfed with him!  It was pretty cool.  Jacque even got on the water skiis and was dancing and holding on with one hand and everything!  It was the cutest thing ever!

Boston and mommy.  Boston LOVED the boat rides.  I think he is finally getting used to his life-jacket and he just sits back and relaxes!

Here is our future surfer!

Boston thought driving the house boat was pretty fun!
Thanks Chuck and Julie for yet another great trip!  Love you guys!

These videos are for my family in India.   This is what surfing looks like!  One is Ryan and the other is Travis.  You should come here and we'll take you!  Love you guys!

Family Reunion and a Condo!

Everybody playing...well attempting to play a game of volleyball.

Boston and Travis, Leamon and Sadie, Kennedy.  Sadie, Leamon and Keenedy are my cousins and Sadie and Boston are only a week apart!

We had a great Randall Reunion.  We missed the first day, but the second day we went to the Provo Canyon Park and had a day filled with many games and yummy food.  And then the last day we went to Downata Hot Springs in Idaho.  It was a blast and so fun to see everyone that lives far and we don't get to see a lot.

My parents also decided to buy a condo in Bear Lake.  We had so much fun when we went, that they decided why not have somewhere we can stay and then we can go up more often!   This is the living room area.

Here is a picture of the kitchen area.

This is one of the bedrooms.

And this is the other bedroom.   So for the rest of the time we won't be using it, my parents are going to be renting it out.  So if any of you need a place to stay in beautiful Bear Lake, let us know!

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