Monday, October 26, 2009

MMM Whatcha Say

This was too cute to not share!  My brother Travis taught this song to Boston and now he just loves it.  All he aks for is "Say mom Say?"  It's hilarious!

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Carter's Big Day

Today was Carter's big day.  He was blessed by his daddy today and Ryan did such a wonderful job and gave him a beautiful blessing.  And Carter was perfect.  He didn't make a peep through the whole blessing.

One of my high school friends Chaz and his cute family is in our ward and he blessed his little girl also.  After sacrament, we sat the two babies on the couch and they just cuddled up to each other.  It was too cute!  This is definitely a picture for their wedding video!

These are all the men who helped bless Carter today.  What a great bunch of handsome men!

4 generations

Carter and Gavin are 10 days apart and already best of friends!

I was a little worried at first at how we were going to fit all of our families in our house.  Our basement is unfinished and we just used it as a storage area.  So my mom came over last week and helped me clean it all out and we brought tables and chairs down there and it ended up working out perfect!

My parents

Ryan's parents

My family minus Eric. He had to work right after.  Love the outfit Dust!  It was such a wonderful day.  Thanks to all who came to support us!  We love you all!

Here are some more random pictures...

Ryan has been working like a maniac to get our yard done.  Him and my dad spent many many nights working as hard as they could to get this yard done.  Thanks dad for offering so much of your help.  We couldn't have gotten it done without you!

Here is our yard before the grass...

And here it is after the sod was all layed!  On Saturday all the boys in both of our families came over and helped Ryan lay the sod so we would have a yard before the blessing.  It turned out so good!  Thank you thank you to everybody who helped!  And thanks to Chuck for helping Ryan figure out what he was doing with the whole sprinkling system.  Love you guys!

This is what Boston would do while Ryan was out working.  I would open the window and he would talk Ryan's ears off.  This way he wasn't in the way.  But it was just cute cause Ryan would always look up and see this little head poking out.

The other day I had carter just sitting up on the couch by himself.  He was doing just fine.  Boston runs in the room and, being the sweet big brother he is, he started getting worried that Carter would fall over because I didn't have any pillows on the sides of him.  So Boston got the two little pillows and put them on each side of Carter so he wouldn't fall.  It was pretty funny because he was sqishing Carter with the pillows and Carter didn't seem to care one bit.  So cute!  
Carter has started responding to us more and smiling so much!  He is getting so big already and it makes me sad.  But I am so grateful he is in our family.  He adds so much love and joy.  I don't know what we would do without him.

And Boston too.  He has so much energy and is so fun right now!  We are sort of trying to potty train...sort of....I know I'm terrible!  But now that the blessing is done and the yard I think I will have some time to concentrate better.  I'm planning on potty training in a day...I've heard so much about it I thought we would give it a try...Wish me luck!  Any advice from those that are done?....

I just can't get over how handsome my boys are!  I am the luckiest woman alive to have these three boys in my life!  They are the light of my life and the reason I live...for them.  Thank you for making my job as a wife and mother so easy and rewarding.  I love you three more than you will ever know!!!

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