Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Full of surprises!

Surprise!  It's really a boy!  Sorry this picture is kinda fuzzy, I had to take a picture of the ultrasound.  We had our big ultrasound two weeks ago and before we started, the tech asked what the sex of the baby was.  We said we were told girl last time. So she starts looking and she tells us that this baby has a skinny bumb and that skinny bumbs usually belong to little boys.  Well she keeps looking and I could swear I was seeing something between those little legs so I asked her and she said, "yep!  There sure is!"  At that moment, all of Ryan's worries went away!  His basketball team is getting started!  At the last ultrasound, the umbilical cord was between his little legs so we never really got a clear shot.  But the dr. looked and looked and couldn't find anything and he thought he saw the 3 lines indicating a girl.  But with a picture like this one, I don't think there's any going back.  It was kinda funny being told boy at 12 wks, girl at 16 wks and then boy again.  I'm sure we'll get our little girl someday...now my only stress is thinking of a name!  If you have any suggetions, let us know!

We had a great Easter.  Every year since we've been married, we have spent Easter in Arizona with my in-laws.  It's always such a blast!  It rained a couple of the days we were there, but we did get a few nice days too.  They have such beautiful homes and are in a really beautiful area right on the golf course too.  The boys loved that!

Before church, the kids ran around the house with their little baskets getting all the candy they could.  Ryan hid a chocolate egg in a vent on  the wall.  When the girls saw that, they couldn't believe it.  They thought the Easter Bunny for sure came through the vent.  The looks on their faces was priceless!

After church, the kids got to go on a little hunt again finding their gift basket that grandma and grandpa hid for them.  Boston got this baseball mit and glove and he just thought it was a hat for his head.  It was hilarious.

He also got this really cute outfit.  He looks adorable in his little crocks that go with it too.

We hope you all had a great Easter!  We sure did.  Coming home from vacation is always a bummer, but this little guy keeps us going!  He is so fun and we just can't believe how much he learns and grows every single day.  He is the joy of our lives and we can't wait for little brother too!  
Boston and daddy had a little Jazz party yesterday, hoping they would be able to continue on.  Too bad they didn't make it.  Oh well, maybe better luck next year!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Wow time flies!

Ok ok I know I've really been terrible at blogging.  I totally didn't realize that my last post was clear back in January!  Oops!  Sorry to everyone!  We got all moved into the house and unpacked and everything.  Since I was pretty sick at the first of the pregnancy I was just not in the mood to decorate or anything.  So now that I am feeling better, we are working on making the house beautiful!  It sure has been fun owning our own place though.

At the beginning of February Boston got sick with RSV.  Man that was a rough week or so.  Poor little guy didn't want to eat or drink anything, slept all day, was having a hard time breathing and had high fevers for a while.  I hate it when he gets sick because he just is so little and seems so helpless and just looks at me with those eyes like 'mommy do something!' It melts my heart.  I hope we don't ever have to go through that again.  It was awful.

Valentine's Day was great.  I got everything I wanted!  I woke up to this!  Isn't my husband so sweet and thoughtful?  I told him I just wanted to take a bath in our new fabulous bath tub with rose petals in it cause I never have and it always looked fun! So he decorated the whole bathroom and had some music playing and while I was taking a relaxing bath him and Boston brought me drinks and little treats.  It was so sweet of him!  I am the luckiest girl alive to have these two boys in my life!  Thank you Ryan for loving me the way you do!  

Ryan and his brothers play in a golf tournament in Arizona every year for work.  And every year we make a trip out of it and the whole family packs up and goes with them.  It was so nice to be in such nice warm weather.  We swam and shopped and went on walks on the golf course.  It was beautiful!

So since we've been home, we've just stayed in the house as much as possible for fear of getting Boston sick again.  We are ready for spring and summer!  

Boston and his friends are getting so big!  They are all walking and talking like crazy!  And all of them but Remy on the left end are going to have another baby in the family sometime this year!

Yes here we all are.  Pretty funny huh!  Lindsey should be having a little girl any day now, Shauna is having a girl the end of May, and Melanie is due in September and hasn't found out what she's having yet.

And what are we having you ask?  Well this time it's a............GIRL!  We are so excited!  When I was 12 weeks the dr. told us he thought he saw some boy parts, but at the next apt he told us it was a cheerleader instead!  So we've been in shock for awhile cause we've just been preparing for a boy!  Boston is getting excited.  He loves to talk and sing songs and give kisses to his sister in my belly.  I don't think he fully understands yet, but he loves to play with babies and loves to play with his farmer boy doll.  He's gonna be such a cute big brother.  Ryan though is a little nervous about having a girl. He says there's just different worries that come with having a girl rather than a boy who can defend and protect himself better than a girl can.  Isn't he such a good dad?  I know that he's a little nervous too because he's so used to Boston he's just not quite sure what to do with a girl!  We have all summer to prepare him!  Bring it on though.  We want the warm!

I promise I'll do better on keeping up this time!  We hope all is going well with you all!

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