Thursday, December 10, 2009

Finally another post!

Ryan had to go to California for work at the beginning of November and we got invited to come.  So we went to Disneyland with the kids while the boys worked.  It was so much fun.  At first Boston was scared of some of the characters, but as they kept showing up, he started loving them.  Goofy was kind enough to let us eat in his kitchen one morning for breakfast:)

This is my favorite ride...It's A Small World!  I love it.  It is so cute...and there's not a height limit so we can get on as a family!  I love how it is all lit up at night too.

We were there for the first day of all the Christmas decorations.  It is beautiful!  Sleeping Beauty's Castle was just breathtaking.  I love the firework show they do for Christmas and then at the end, it snows on Disneyland.  So magical!

We have made it a tradition to get our kids a pair of Mickey ears with their name engraved on the back the first time they go to Disneyland.  Carter still has to grow into his ears.

I just love this picture of Boston.  It's A Small World was starting to put him to sleep I think.

Shauna and her cute family came to Utah for Thanksgiving.  So we got all the kids together one day just like old times (but we are missing sweet Remy).  From left to right...Carson, Jaylee, Ian, Boston and Braelyn.  I can't believe how big they are getting.  They are so stinkin cute.  Boston sure does miss Ian though.  There will be days that Boston comes up and tells me he wants Ian.  My heart feels sad that we can't just call him up and play anymore, but I'm glad he hasn't forgotten him.  
Later that night we let the hubbies take the kids and all of us girls went and saw New Moon.  I was so excited because I hadn't been on a girls night out without kids for so long!  Even though yes I  miss my kids when I'm away from them, it really was so fun!  While we waited in line, we watched Twilight on my laptop until the movie started.  New Moon was just ok for me.  But it was just fun being just the girls.  We did have little Gavin with us and he was so funny.  He decided he needed to relieve his tummy of some gas right during the quietest part of the movie!  It was so funny because he is so teeny tiny, that people didn't know we had a baby with us!  We couldn't stop laughing and people kept looking back at us!  Too funny!  Thanks girls for such a fun night of waiting in line and being the first in line, laughing, giggling, trying to listen to the laptop, the Weber State football team making fun of us, and my little sister being embarrassed of it all!  Love you girls!

This year for Thanksgiving, we went to Arizona.  What a blast that was.  But I'm mad because I took hardly any pictures!  So I need to get them from my mother in law.  So I will have to post more pictures of our trip later.  We had so much fun shopping, eating, relaxing, staying warm, and playing rook!  Can't wait to do it again!

Yesterday we had our annual Christmas party.  Everyone (except Shauna of course) was able to come this year!  (But we are missing Jaisha and Andrea in the picture)  It is so fun to get together and just chat and enjoy some yummy food.  I made Chicken Parmesan and potatoes and everyone helped bring the rest of the meal.  It was delicious!

This year we had a couple more added to the bunch!  This is Treyden (Lauren's baby), Carter and Gavin (Karilynn's baby).  Treyden and Carter are 3 days apart (down to the exact time even!) and Gavin is just a month younger.  Aren't they so cute?!

While we were in Arizona, Boston and his cousin Jane would make little huts all the time.  They were so funny.  They would build a hut and call it their houseboat.  I guess they just can't wait to get back to Lake Powell!  So now Boston loves making his house boat.  This is Boston's house boat.

This one he called his bed house...

Here he is driving his car.

And this one is his room.  What a sweet, sweet boy he is.

The first video is what my Carter's been doing a lot of lately...and the second video is how my hubby gets him to do'll wanna turn the music off for this one!  He thought I was trying to snap a picture, but little did he know that I had it on video:-)  Oh the things we do...or rather, say to get our babies to smile...He would die if he knew I had this on here!  I love my boys!:)

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