Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Oh dear where to begin? About a month ago Ryan gave Boston a much needed haircut. Here is before...

And here is after! Isn't he cute?

The weekend of the 4th Ryan had a Friday off so we took the day to go to the Hill Aerospace Museum. Boston loved all the planes and Ryan loved all the history. I loved watching my boys together. It was such a fun family day.

On the 4th, my family ran in the Cherry Days 5k. It was so fun to watch everyone including my hubby run in a race. I'm so proud of them all! Ryan really only trained twice like 3 days before and still came in at 34 min and that was walking the first mile. His knee was really hurting the day before so he wasn't sure if he was even gonna run it. So he started out walking with my mom and brother but after the first mile, he realized that old women were passing them walking and that did it for him. He ran the rest of the way and pushed through the pain. But he did it!

The beginning of July we had the yearly Randall Reunion. It was so fun! We camped up at Green Canyon.

One of the days we went on a hike. It was beautiful.

So sweet!

I love him!

Aunt ZoAnn even brought a cotton candy maker. That I think was a favorite among the kids and my husband :). He loves cotton candy!

The whole gang that was able to make it. ZoAnn and Dave you outdid yourselves this year! It was a blast! It's so fun to see family we don't get to see a lot and we missed the ones that weren't able to make it!

On our way home we stopped at my Grandma's grave. It's been about 4 years (I think) since she died of cancer and I truly miss her. What a wonderful woman she was. Ryan never met her because she died before we started dating. But I really do wish he could have known her. I know she is up there playing with our future children and that makes me smile. I love you Grandma and thanks for being such an example for me to follow after.

A couple weeks ago we had a BBQ with all these girls and our hubbies. It was alot of fun. I love these girls :)

Actually we had the BBQ becuase this girl, my bestest friend ever, moved with her hubby to go to school in AZ. I don't know why she didn't just let Nik go by himself :) j/k. You know I wish you guys the best of luck with school and everything else. But you will truly be missed.

But what makes me even more sad is that these two won't get to play anymore. Boston will miss Ian so much! It makes me sad to even think about it.

July 19th was my dad's birthday. One more year and you'll be 50! We love you dad and are so grateful for everything you do for our little family. You're the best dad anyone could ever ask for! I hope your day was great!

Later that night we went to the Weber State fireworks. They were really good this year! Boston loved them too. He kept saying every firework was yellow. Dunno why. He's just a funny kid!

So then bright and early the next morning we headed off to Lake Powell! Here's the whole crew trying to wake up before the long drive!

Once we got there, unloaded everything to the boat and drove through the channel, the boys always take charge in anchoring the boat good and tight. It's kinda cute to watch them all work!

This year we had the perfect spot. It was the first time we drilled into the sand stone. It was nice cause we had a little beach for the kids to play in shallow water. Boston became a little fish. He was lovin the water!

Boston loved running up the rock as far as he could too. Luckily Ryan wasn't out on the the boat this time so he chased after him :)

Boston and Jakey showin off their big muscles.

Grandma and Jen with the kids on the tube. I didn't want to go into labor in Lake Powell, so I didn't really go out on the boats except for one slow boat ride and one slow jet ski ride. So I don't have any pictures of my Ry surfing! He got good this year too. By the end of the trip he could do a 360. I hear it was pretty impressive:) Love you babe!

The sunsets were amazing!

Boston learned how to fish for the first time. Didn't catch anything, but he loved holding the pole.

One night Jacque and grandma decided to have a spa night and wash everyone's hair in the hot tub. Here's my little family getting the treatment! That really was fun!

The end of a trip is always sad. We missed you Grandma and Grandpa and David but know you are out doing the right thing in spreading the gospel! Here is the whole crew saying goodbye to the warm water, yummy food, and fun fun times.

Lake Powell was a blast but I don't know that I would do it again being 35 weeks pregnant for the fact that I couldn't do any of the fun boating and other water sports. But that's ok. Us three pregos just hung out together the whole time and waded in the shallow water with Boston and the other little ones. Next year there will be 3 more additions!

So yep I'm 36 weeks now. Next week I'll be full term, so I say bring on the labor! I'm totally ready and Ryan is just as ready as I am. We are trying to get organized and figure out a name for this little one. We are having a hard time thinking of a name we both agree on. So if you have any suggestions please send them our way!
I went to the dr today (Thursday) and he said everything looked good to go! I'm far enough along that if I went into labor, he wouldn't stop me. The baby is over 6 lbs now and I am dilated to a 2+! Yay! We are so ready for this baby! Even Boston can't wait to meet him!

Until next time...

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