Thursday, March 28, 2013


 Wow it's been a LONG time since i've updated.  I miss it.  So i'm going to try and update more, even just for my journaling.  And a reason to sort through all my zillions of pictures.

 I am one very blessed mama to have these cute babies in my life!

 Dreyden at 9 months is the world's fastest crawler.  He figured out his independence once he started the army crawl at 5 months and took off from there.  He walks along furniture and has THE cutest smile and dimples.  Even though his stats don't show it, he loves to eat his baby food.  He will put anything that makes its way to his cute little fingers into his mouth.  He waves, gives high fives and tries his hardest to keep up with his brothers as well.   I'm really hoping he will walk before too long so he doesn't ruin his pants (and knees :) crawling around outside with all the warm weather.

I tried to pick out the highlights of us for the last little while so here we go!


Fireworks as always  Summer 2012

A trip to Green Canyon for a week full of camping and two a day swim lessons.  It was so much fun and Boston learned so much!  Can't wait to do it again this summer!

And the perfect end to our summers always with celebrating both their birthdays.  As sad I was the they had to share a birthday at first, I seriously wouldn't have it any other way.  They love it and so do I!  I swear these two were meant to be twins.  Heavenly Father just knew I needed them 2 years apart:)

Bost started preschool.  And seriously how cute is this picture??  Thank you pintrest!

Boston sang a solo at our ward christmas party this last christmas.  He did such an amazing job!  He has a natural talent for singing and glad he could share his talents with our ward.  Definitely a proud parents moment that day.

Disneyland October 2012

 Carribean cruise with the Smith family May 2011

 South Dakota Randall Family Reunion June 2011

Cruise to the Bahamas with the Randall family December 2011

And two weeks later this crazy kid left to the Bangalore India  Mission.  So proud of both of these cuties!


About ready to pop! just waiting..

and waiting...the girls showed up one night to pretty me all up indian style complete with mehendi thinking our little man would show up soon....sadly all the mehendi faded because he decided he wasn't quite ready to come out yet:)

3 days after his due date, Dreyden Charles Smith came into our lives and has  forever changed us for the better.  It was like a happy reunion for these brothers see each other again!  I love watching how much they love this baby.

And I was lucky enough to have this gorgeous be my nurse the first night.  Love my hospital stays so much for that reason!  I mean really...who gets a nurse that cute!

Dreyden made his debut just before my mom's beautiful sister had to go back home to India.  So glad she got to meet him:)

Those are just SOME of our highlights of the last little while in our family..I really will try to keep this updated this time!

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