Thursday, December 4, 2008

This November

Wow!  November flew by!  I can't believe it's already December!  Ok well where do I start?  Thanksgiving was great!  It's tradition to go to dinner and a movie the night before with the Smiths.  It's great because even though we didn't spend Thanksgiving day with them, we still felt like we celebrated the holiday with most of the family.  We went to Garcia's and then headed over to the Megaplex to watch Bolt.

It was a really cute show.  Boston actually sat on our lap and really watched about half the show.  Minus the glasses.  Of course he wouldn't keep them on.  I kinda felt bad that it was all blurry for him though!  But then he had a blast playing with all the chairs.  It was a cute show, but I expected there to be more jumpy out of the screen stuff.  

The next day we drove down to Idaho and had an amazing dinner!  I love turkey dinner!  It's always so nice to get together with family and spend time with them especially when you don't get to see them very often.  We got to meet my new little cousin Grant and he is just adorable and looks just like his daddy James just like his big brother did.  I am telling you I have never seen a baby that is so identical looking to their dad!  It's pretty cute.  Yes I had my camera but sadly didn't take very many pictures.  Except of this....

We had Boston Baked Beans for dinner too!  Sadie is only about a week younger than Boston and she's so strong!  She was pushing Boston around the whole house in this pot, it was hilarious!

This last week my sweet mother-in-law decided the girls needed to go on a shopping trip and boy did we shop!  We went to Scottsdale, AZ and shopped till we dropped!  It was a blast!  We stayed in the cutest hotel ever called the Royal Palms.  It was beautiful!  It used to be a mansion someone lived in and now it is a hotel.  The weather was awesome...75-80 the whole time.  The malls there are just huge!  I felt like we didn't even put a dent in any of the malls we went to.  We went to the spa one night for massages that were wonderful!  And we shopped some more and had great food!  I was so sad I forgot my camera cause it seriously was hilarious how many shopping bags we had.  They filled the floor in our hotel room!  We ate at this cute place called the Pink Taco.  Perfect for a girls trip!  And yes they actually have a pink taco on a pink tortilla with pink onions too.  Unfortunately they ran out of the pink tortillas but it was pretty good!  But we will definitely be going back just to see what the Pink Taco really looks like!  It was so fun shopping and just being with the girls.  I left Boston home with Ryan and was really nervous about it because I haven't left him for that long ever!  He did so good and Ryan had a blast with him too.  Thanks Chuck and Julie for a fun early Christmas gift!

Boston is doing so well!  I can't believe he is 15 months!  At his appointment these were his numbers:
weight: 19 lbs 3 oz...below the 5th percentile
height: 31 in...50th percentile
head circumference:19 in...75-90th percentile!  He has lots of brains!

I just can't believe how much he is learning right now.  He has about 12 or thirteen words he says...hi, bye, hey, momma, dadda, bubbo (for his blanket, I'm not quite sure how he came up with it), uh-oh, no, b-ray (his nickname my brothers call him), owie, ball, more and we are working on please and thank you right now.  

I couldn't help but post this picture of Jaylee and Boston.  Ever since they were little little, they've always been such cute little friends.  Well now that they've both learned how to kiss, they always give kisses whenever they see each other.  This time I was trying to get them to kiss for the picture and Boston was too into playing with the steering wheel, but Jaylee was totally into it!  So cute!  This I'm saving for their wedding video!

Oh and he's such a great dancer!  It's so cute...any time he hears music he can't help but jam out to it!  He's so cute and we just love him so much!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Going Private

We have been hearing a lot about creepy people and the creepy things they can do with blogs. We love our little Boston too much to even think that anything could happen to him. So mainly to protect him, we have decided to make our blog private. I know there are a lot of you out there who don't have blogs that still read ours, and I think it's great cause I must admit we do love showing Boston off! So please leave your email addresses for me too or email me at! I'll try and leave a comment on everyone's blog to leave me their email! And I am moderating the comments so that your email won't be shown to the public. Thanks everyone and we love you all!

Late Pictures!

Black Island Farms

So this was forever ago on Halloween, but I am just getting around to it now.  We went back to the pumpkin patch with my sister in law and her cute girls and her friend Holly and her cute boys.  They all had such a blast!  There was so much for them to do it was the perfect activity!

We were going to try and get cute pictures, but they of course didn't want to just sit and smile all together, so we just got cute pictures of them doing all the fun activities

For Halloween night we decided to switch up our costumes.  Ryan dressed up as a gothic rocker person.  Boston got a costume from both of his grandmas and this horse costume was from my mom.  And I dressed up as a Mexican girl. 

We sure had a fun night.  We started at my parents and saw everyone's costumes.  Mom and Dad, we'll work on your costumes for next year!  Ha ha...just kidding!  We took Boston trick or treating just to like 5 houses around their neighborhood.  He wasn't quite sure what he was supposed to do.  But it was cute.  Then we headed up to Ryan's parents and hung out there for a little while with his family.  Holidays are always fun because we always spend them with the whole family...on both sides!  Hopefully everyone else had a great one too!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

High School Tag

I've been tagged twice for this one so I guess I better do it... 

1. Did you date someone from your school? seriously? The only boyfriend I had was in 9th grade for like 3 months I "was going out" with Tyson Pippin.  But in high school I hung out and dated lots of guys but no one serious.
2. What kind of car did you drive? '98 white geo prizm.  But I totaled it...oops!
3. What was the most embarrassing moment of High School? It's too embarrassing to tell!
4. Were you a party animal? No.
5. Were you considered a flirt? I guess I flirted
6. Were you in a band, orchestra, or choir? I was in band all through Junior High and I played the flute, but not in high school.
7. Were you a nerd? I don't feel like I was a nerd, but maybe others thought I was
8. Were you on any varsity teams? I was a cheerleader
9. Did you get suspended/expelled?NO
10. Can you still sing the fight song? Most of it!
11. Who were your favorite teachers? Margo...she was great!  And I liked Mrs. Wilder
12. Where did you sit during lunch? Mostly my friends and I would eat in the lunch room together.
13. What was your school's full name? Weber High School
14. School Mascot? Warriors
15. Did you go to Homecoming and with who? Yes, my Junior year I went with Andy Coleman and my Senior year I went with Brad Coleman
16. If you could go back and do it again, would you? Although yes, my life is much better now, I would do it again!  I loved high school!
17. What do you remember most about graduation? I remember being sad that I probably wasn't going to see alot of these people again!
18. Where did you go Senior Skip day?  We went swimming at my friend Andrea's Grandma's house.
19. Were you in any clubs?  I was in Student Council one year and I think I was in HOSA maybe?
20. Who was your prom date? My Junior year I went with Erik Westbrook and my Senior year I went with Chuck Pulver.
21. Are you planning on going to your 10 year reunion? Yes!  It would be fun see everyone and their cute little families!
22. Looking back, what advice would you give yourself?  I would have taken as many concurrent enrollment classes that would have given me credit for in college and just got myself way ahead.  

I tag Krystle, Melanie B, and Alyssa 

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Smith Halloween party :) and saying goodbye :(

Yesterday we had the annual Smith Halloween party.  The costumes were great as always!  John McCain, Barack Obama, and 2 Hilary Clintons showed up!  Wow!  Those really were the best costumes!  

Here are most of the little cousins.  We love it when we can all get together and this is always one of the funnest parties of the year!

Indiana Jones (Ryan's dad), Baby (Ryan's mom), Nerdy Nick and John McCain (Dan who fit the part perfectly!)

Me and Anna the Indian Princesses!

And yes my hubby was one of the Hilarys!

Here is Jen and Dave's adorable little family.  I helped Jen make the tutus for the girls' costumes.  I think they turned out so cute!  But they could wear anything and always be just as cute as can be!

And here is my little puppy dog!  

Doesn't he make the perfect little pooch?

Sorry this is blurry but I had to act fast to get this pic of his cute little tail poking out.  He's just so cute I can't get enough of him!

After we all arrived, Jacque and Jaycee sang a song they learned in school and then Andrew with the help of his family sang a cute Halloween song too.  Then we turned on Ghost Busters and we all had to "Bust" out our dance moves!  It was pretty funny!  Then we ate yummy Olive Garden...always a favorite!  After dinner we played glow in the dark Bingo and watched a family video of our Halloween party a few years ago.  What a fun night we had!

At the end of the night we had to say goodbye to Grandma and Grandpa Andersen since we probably won't see them before they leave for their mission on monday.  It was sad.  Grandma especially was really emotional and Grandpa, he tried to laugh it off, but I saw some tears as he walked out the door.  Sunday was their farewell.  They both gave really great talks and we know that they will be such great missionaries in the Washington DC Temple.  We will miss them dearly but are so grateful that they are being such great examples to us and all the rest of their family and friends.  Ryan and I can't wait until we can one day follow in their footsteps.  They are such strong people and will touch the hearts of many!  We love you both and wish you the best of luck! 

Thursday, October 23, 2008

It's Fall Time!

Ok I'm so sorry I haven't posted in a while.  We've been kind of bummed that our warm weather is gone and the cold is now upon us.  We have been busy doing lots of fun things.  Last sunday Ryan's cousin spoke in church because he left for his mission on Wednesday to Alaska.  It was kind of sad to say our goodbyes, but he is such a strong person and will be an awesome missionary!  Good Luck David!  We love you!  This coming sunday is Ryan's grandparent's farewell.  Wow two weeks in a row, I don't know if we can handle this!  They are going to the Washington DC Temple mission.  What a perfect call for them!  They leave Nov.3 and I think it's starting to set in a little bit.  It came so fast considering they had to wait 4 weeks to get their call!  That was torture especially for them.  I'll try and take some pictures since I forgot at David's farewell.

Boston sure has been a funny little dude lately.  He cracks us up everyday.  Lately he has been hiding, getting himself stuck, and just getting into mischief.

Don't mind my messy closet, but this was too funny.  I was in the other room and all of the sudden it got really quiet.  I called Boston's name and he didn't answer.  So I walked into my bedroom and called his name again and he just pops his head out of the closet and says "eh?" and gives me the biggest cheeser ever.  I laughed so hard.  He was just busy sorting through my shoes. 

And I don't know why, but he loves to go behind this tree in the corner of our front room and either pull the leaves off the tree or bring his toys back there.  It's pretty funny too.

Then when he does go and get in these weird hiding places, he usually gets stuck trying to get out.  I just laugh but he gives me this look like-mom why are you laughing?  I'm stuck here!

And now he is tall enough that he can reach up and pull things off the counter or table.  I walked into this the other day and couldn't help but take a picture and laugh.  He sure is a cute little guy and we sure do love him!

Last week we got together for dinner with the girls.  It sure was fun seeing everyone again!

After dinner, we went over to the Solomon Center with Mel and pretended we were single cause my sister told me it was the young single adult activity and they had rented the whole place out and so the activities were free!  And yes we're poor so when Ashlie invited us to come we decided why not, it would be fun!  Shhh...don't tell....but really they never asked, so we never had to lie!  So ifly was all booked so we decided to do a game of bowling.  But then we kind of did feel bad because a few guys came up to us all to try and meet us and all and then it was kind of awkward telling them that we were married cause then they were embarrassed!  But at least we know we still got the skills!  haha jk!  Ashlie and her friends were bowling with us and it was funny cause the guys were kind of weirdos and so Ashlie told them "we're all just married friends!"  So they thought she was married too and then they didn't bug her again!  It was a pretty funny situation!

They gave us a cup full of tokens to play the arcades and we just did games to get tickets so we could trade them in for prizes.  

And we had to get friendship rings!  Best Friends Forever!  We thought we were pretty funny!  It was just like old times with everyone and really I had a blast!  Love you girls!  And Jess and Lauren we missed you!  

Yesterday, we took the babies to the cutest pumpkin patch ever!  I've never been but will definitely be going back.  There is so much to do!

There were these fun slides.  We sent the babies down the little one by themselves on their tummies.  Boston wasn't a huge fan of the slides.  Probably cause when we went down the big ones I screamed and it scared him!  I would way rather be thrown up in the air and have people catch me then start up high and have to make myself go down!  But really it wasn't that bad!

Boston was picked to defy all odds and pick which pig would be the quickest and win the race.  His pig got beat by just a hair!  Darn it.  It was pretty funny though!  Boston wasn't quite sure what to think of real pigs!  He had only seen them in a book!

At the end of all the festivities we went on a hayride and were able to pick out a pumpkin to take home!  

There were so many places for cute pictures!  We are going back next week with Boston's cousins and are dressing them up in their Halloween costumes.  So stay tuned for lots more cute pictures!  Oh and I forgot to mention that Boston has finally been sleeping through the night!  Yay!  He figured it out about 3 weeks ago and I didn't really have to do anything!  It's like it just clicked and ever since, he's slept all night long!  It is so nice to actually feel rested in the morning!  But look at that little could I ever be upset with that cuteness!  

Ryan has been busy working hard at school and starting up a business with his brother and his best friend Nick Harris.  They've been putting a lot of time into it and hopefully it will all pay off in the end!  They are hard workers and I am so proud of them!  This has been one of Ryan's dreams for a long be a business owner.  And he's finally doing it!  I love you babe!

So this has been us lately.  I'll be better at updating my posts more often!  I hope you all are enjoying the Fall season!  
Love you all!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

FREE handbags!

Ok so I've seen this a couple times and thought I would post it too.  Handbag planet is giving away a FREE handbag every hour on the day of their launch.  Who doesn't love FREE stuff?  I sure do!  Check it out here!

Monday, October 6, 2008


26 reasons why I love Ryan...
1.  He is such a great husband in every way
2.  He is the best and cutest dad to Boston in the world
3.  He works so hard to keep us all happy
4.  He makes me feel like a princess
5.  He took me to the temple to be sealed for time and all eternity
6.  He makes me laugh everyday
7.  He makes Boston light up and smile everyday when he walks in the door from work
8.  He is romantic
9.  He holds the priesthood worthily
10.  He wants only the best for me and Boston
11.  He has the biggest heart ever
12.  He loves his family more than anything in the world
13.  He loves to have fun
14.  He is always up for watching a chick flick with me
15.  He is always so worried about Boston even with the littlest possible things
16.  He loves playing the drums
17.  He is smokin HOT!
18.  He is good at everything he does
19.  He does the funniest things in his sleep
20.  He is such a softy with Boston
21.  He makes me feel beautiful
22.  He is very patient
23.  He has a way of making friends with everybody
24.  He will surprise me with a little gift every once in a while "just because"
25.  He gets along with my family so well
26.  He loves me unconditionally and I get to be with him, just us, together forever!

Happy 26th birthday Ry Ry!  I hope your day was special!  Thanks for everything you do for me and little boo.  We love you so so much and are so grateful you belong to us!

Friday, September 26, 2008


So...sorry for the lack of posts lately!  We haven't been up to a whole lot lately.  Our summer was great and we went on so many fun vacations!  But it has been kind of nice to just be at home and do what we do I guess you could say.  These are just some cute pictures of Boston I have taken lately.  I know basically every post is about him, but he is our life and he makes us laugh everyday and he brings so much joy to our family.  So I can't help but share that joy and laughter with all of you!

One day he woke up in the middle of his nap and was still tired, but he didn't want to be in his crib, and he didn't want me to hold him either.  So I layed him on the couch and he rolled over to this position and slept like this on the edge of the couch for 2 hours!  I was laughing, it was so dang cute!

Last week, Ryan's dad took him and his brothers to a NY Yankees game so we got to spend the weekend with my parents and Ryan's mom.  We had a blast!  On Saturday it was raining so hard!  So I took Boston outside and let him run around in the rain.  I thought he would like it more than he did, but it was cute.

And I saw these cute little footprints, and couldn't help but take a picture!

Cute moment with grandpa and little Boo!

We went to the treehouse on Wednesday with the babies and Boston and Ian were wearing the same shirt.  It was cute!  Don't they look so big?

I can't believe I haven't posted anything about Boston walking!  He walks like a champ!  At first he kind of waddled like a penguin, and he still waddles a little bit, but is very steady.  So here is a little video of him walking.  Enjoy!

Favorite things for my baby tag!

I was tagged by Amy to tell my favorite things that I can't live without for Boston.  Here they are...

1.  Onesie Church shirts.  When Boston was born, I found church shirts that were onesies at and I love them!  Since they are onesies, they always stay tucked in and they just look sharp.  But I haven't been able to find them for older sizes.  If anyone knows of any let me know!

2.  When I was still breast feeding, I couldn't live without my nursing cover.  It was hard for me to manage keeping the blanket up and not let it fall down or let Boston pull it off.  I wasn't about to pay $30 for one cause I'm cheap so I made one for like 5 bucks!

3.  Also when he was younger, we had a toy zebra that hung from his car seat and when you pulled it down it would vibrate.  That helped a ton when he was crying in his car seat!

4.  His friends.  Boston has learned so much from his other baby friends.  I'm so glad we get together every week because Boston loves them!  

5.  His hooded towel.  I love that it keeps his head warm and I can just wrap him up and snuggle him right after his bath!

6.  A car mirror.  I love to be able to see him while I am driving.  And when he use to cry really hard in his car seat, I liked to be able to see that he wasn't turning blue or anything.

7.  Gerber sippy cup.  My friends told me in the beginning, don't get any other sippy cup.  This one works the best.  But me, being the cheapo, tried all the other cheaper ones first, and he hated them!  It was just hard for him to suck on them.  So I gave in and got the Gerber one and have loved it.  If I would have listened in the first place, I would have actually saved money!  Oops!  You can get them at Walmart.

8.  Mervyns.  Mervyns has been the only store that actually has quite a bit of boy clothes that are really cute and decently priced...that I have found anyways.  I'm so sick of walking into a store that is all girl stuff and way back in the back corner is a little shelf of boy stuff.  It's really frustrating and just makes me want a girl really bad!

9.  Parent's Choice bottles.  These bottles are inexpensive at Walmart and don't have BPA so I don't have to worry about whether or not I am poisoning my child!

10.  My husband!  I would not be able to raise Boston by myself.  Ryan  is the best dad in the world and without him, we would be nothing!  When I worry so much about everything, he is always there to remind me to relax and just live a little.  Thanks honey!  I love you!

Now I tag...Hilary Cook, Kaylee, Shauna and Lindsey!


I was tagged by Ally to tell 6 facts about they are...

1.  There are 2 people in my life that I am absolutely IN LOVE with!  Bet you can't guess who they are!...yep!  Ryan and Boston!  I live my life for these two!  I could not ask for a better husband or son.  I love being a wife and I love being a mother!  I don't think there is any other job in the world that is as rewarding as being a mom.

2.  I like to cook.  Now if you ask my friends they might beg to differ.  I really do like to cook and especially bake, but I don't love to do dishes.  Neither does my husband.  And when you don't have a dishwasher, you tend to be more careful about what you cook...or don't cook so that you don't have as many dishes to do.  So maybe once I get into a kitchen that has more space and a dishwasher, Ryan will get more home cooked meals.

3.  I wrote a song for a piano solo.  I love music.  Not just listening to the radio and stuff, but more so playing the piano.  I also play the flute.  I grew up playing the piano my whole life and now that I don't have one in my home, I realize how much I really miss sitting down and playing the piano for hours just to relax.  And when I wrote the song, it kind of happened as a mistake.  I was just kind of messing around and realized what I was playing actually sounded really good!  Then a neighbor helped me get it all onto paper and now I can say I wrote a song!

4.  I hate scary movies!  Ever since I've been married, I can't watch them!  When I'm home alone especially at night, I always freak myself out with weird scenarios.  So if I watch scary movies, that just wouldn't help anything!

5.  I am addicted to chapstick and lotion.  Without them I go crazy!  When I was younger, I always said if I were stranded on an island and could only take two things with me, it would be chapstick and lotion!

6.  I just learned how to dive a couple months ago.  I know I know!  It kind of sounds pathetic, but when I was learning when I was young, I would always belly flop and it scared me to do it again.  Then I went swimming for one of our "girls days" and they made me be brave and try it.  I did it good!  And it's really not hard!  I was proud of myself!

Now I tag...Kathleen, Melanie Barber, Melanie Jones, and Melissa!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Boston's One Year Old Pictures!

I know these are a little bit late, but my dear friend Shauna took Boston's one year old pictures. She is starting a photography business and she is dang good at it! She is going to be starting a blog for her photography. For more information click here. There were so many to choose from but these are just a few of my favorites. Thanks Shauna!

Isn't my baby the most beautiful thing you've ever seen! :)

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