Friday, February 12, 2010

I'm embarrassed to say that I didn't take too many pictures of our happenings this month.  I know I really need to get better at updating!  We did make it down to Arizona for my mother-in-law's birthday and while we were there we saw Shauna, Ian and Miranda.  And we also got to see them when they came down to Utah to visit...see here We miss you guys!  Thanks for the fun day!  In other news, we've just been staying busy this month and I'm sure it won't slow down, but it has been good:)

I just thought this picture was funny.  Boston took it but I saw it and just thought that Carter looks so big here!  He is so much fun and we love him so much!

Carter was born with long hair as it was so at 5 months, he finally got a MUCH needed haircut.  I just didn't want to cut his baby hair!  But he definitely needed it and here is the proof!

And not only did he have long hair on top, but he had a long mullet in the back!  I seriously could have put it into a ponytail if I wanted!  Kinda gross I know but it was his baby hair and I just didn't want to cut it off!  But Ryan finally did...

and here is his new haircut!  Handsome huh!  Ryan did a great job!  He won't let me touch the boys' hair.  I tell him that's ok but when we have a girl...cause I know we will someday:) that he won't be able to touch her hair:)

Carter has started eating rice cereal and squash.  He loves the rice cereal, and is starting to like squash.  But he is a much better eater so far than Boston was so I'm hoping in the future there won't be as many dinner fights:)

Boston is growing up way too fast.  He is talking so well it just blows my mind.  He is completely potty trained now.  We had a pretty hard time with the poo poo but I think he's pretty much got that figured out now.  After being on miralax twice a day for probably 3 weeks I think he figured out that it was just easier to go instead of hold it:)

After bathing the boys one morning, I opened up the blinds in Carter's room and found this on the car.  Isn't Ryan so cute?!  I love my husband and couldn't ask for anyone better!

And this video is too cute to not post.  One day I could here giggling in the other room.  I walked in to the front room to this....

...I really couldn't be too mad about the mess!  I love my boys!!!

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