Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What we've been up to lately

I can't believe Carter is already a month old!  Time flies when you're havin fun!  Here's what we've been doin for the past month...

Since Boston's birthday (and now Carter's) was spent in the hospital, we had a little party for him so he could open his presents and have a birthday cake.  It wasn't anything fancy we just needed the traditional picture!

10 days after Carter was born, Ryan's cousin Anna had her little boy.  Here are the proud new grandmas!  And Ryan's other cousin Krystle will be having her little girl in a couple of weeks.  We can't wait to meet her!

Lately, Boston has loved reading books.  It is so fun to sit and read books with him.  He has always liked reading books, but it wasn't until recently that he's really tried to read them and understand what's going on in the book.  He has to read one (or two or three or four) everytime before he falls asleep, and quite often this will happen.  Its so dang cute!

On Labor Day we went and watched the fireworks at the Country Club with Ryan's family.  It was a blast!  They shoot the fireworks off so close to you that the ashes land on you!

This was funny...I'm too cheap to buy the actual bubble bath.  So normally when I give Boston a bath, I will pour a little of the baby wash in the water and kinda swish it around with my hand to make a few bubbles that eventually go away.  Well this day, after Ryan was soaking in the tub because he was so sore from digging all the trenches for our yard the day before, I threw Boston in the tub with him and told him to quickly wash him down.  Ryan asked me if we had any bubble bath and I told him no and that I just use the baby wash.  So he poured some in and instead turned the jets on and this is what I walked into.  It was so cute to see how hard Boston was laughing!  

This is Boston all ready for church.  This outfit is from India that my cousins sent for Boston.  He loves it and he looks so dang cute in it!

I could not ask for two better boys than the two I have.  They make my job as a mother so rewarding!  Boston just absolutely loves Carter and is so sweet and cute to him.  Every morning he wakes up and says good morning to him and every night when he says his prayers, he says "Father thank you daddy, carter, mommy, bossy, carter, daddy, carter"  It's the cutest thing in the world!  Thank you Boston and Carter for choosing me to be your mother.  I love you both more than you'll ever know!

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