Sunday, June 23, 2013

Founders Day

Yesterday was Pleasant View's founders day.  Stacy, my sweet friend, took the boys to the parade with Remi while I stayed home so Dreyden could nap.  They had so much fun and got tons of candy!  Ryan got on the boat for his cruise with his family that day so we got to talk to him for a bit since we won't be able to talk to him the rest of the week.  He felt really bad he wasn't going to be able to take the boys to the fireworks this year, so he made me promise I would take them so they could have fun at them.  I didn't want to fight the huge crowd up at the high school with all 3 by myself so we decided to sit at the church right next to it and we had a great view!  The kids were SO excited.   I put Dreyden to sleep and Boston and Carter got jammied and gathered all the blankets.  Then I  put Drey in his carseat and we ventured up to the stake center. There were only 3 other families where we were so we could put our blankets right next to the car so we didn't even need to take Dreyden out.  

All cozied up.   They were so worried the ashes were going to get in their eyes that they made sure to bring their glasses from the 3d movie we watched the day before.

 We waited and waited and waited...I thought they would start at 10 and we got there about 9:30
 We had to get something out of the car and opening the door woke up the baby.  He was kind of confused at first, but then just as excited as could be!

 Finally at 10:30 they started.  The boys were completely mesmerized.

 Even Dreyden
He caught me taking his pic!  I am so grateful for my sweethearts!  They make my world so much happier.  I am glad that we are able to do fun family activities like this and make memories.  Sometimes you gotta just throw the schedule out and make memories.  And that's exactly what we did this night. I didn't even stress about them not getting to bed until 11.  We sure did miss our daddy, but we went just for him, or else I probably would've laid a blanket out on the lawn next to us.  But I'm so glad we did:)

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