Saturday, August 31, 2013

Green Canyon 2013

Green Canyon is one of our most looked forward to trips each year.  This is year number 2 now.  And although it's alot of hard work because Ryan usually can't come because of work, it is so worth it because the kids love it so much and it gives them the chance to get to know the kids better on my side of the family because we just don't get to see them enough!  They make memories during this week that they carry with them all year long until they make new memories.  The kids LOVE this trip and I love that they love it!
Our little movie theatre...Cars 2
We were there over the boys birthday this year.  I tried to make it special for them since we were away from home and not with our family.  They woke up to a tent filled with balloons.  During their swim lessons their classes each sang happy birthday to them.  

Then after, Kaylee and Kenedi made a scavenger hunt for all the kids.  They found a pinata in their tent and we saved that for their birthday party..

Kaylee and Kenedi set up a dance floor and all the kids had a dance party!  They were having so much fun:)
Logan found a catepillar and all the littles were so amazed.  It became their pet for the week.
Meet bananas....
And on to their birthday party...

The pinata was a hit! :)

Sadie's birthday was a week later so we sang happy birthday to her too:)

ZoAnn brought up her big screen and set it up so we could have a movie outside after all their birthday festivities.  The boys got Little Rascals for their birthday so that's what we watched.  They loved it.  Thanks ZoAnn and everybody else for helping me make their birthday a fun day!
The kids love their swim lessons.  Carter improved so much this year.  On the first day, he didn't even want to put his head in the water or get his face wet.  But by the last day he could swim with his face in the water at 3-4 feet at a time.  I was so proud of this little man!

Boston in his class.  He did great too, but I think his teacher could've pushed them a little bit more...

The swim lesson crew!
Carter with his teacher phil...who is my dad's cousin.  He was so awesome with all the kids!!  He totally cracked us up with all the little things he would say.  Such a fun guy!
Carter became totally attached to Kenedi and he renamed her Kenedah.  haha.  He kept calling her that and then it just stuck so now she is Kenedah!  He would follow her everywhere she went and if she wasn't in his sight, he would become so concerned and ask over and over again "where's Kenedah?"  He only wanted to sit by her when we ate, and did anything for that matter!  Carter was Kenedah's little buddy all week long!

Green Canyon was a success again this year!  Although after the first day I was ready to pack up and go home because Dreyden didn't want to sleep at all, the next day he decided to be a good boy and sleep at least some and it was handleable for the rest of the week.  He wouldn't go to anybody so I couldn't even go to the bathroom without leaving him crying, but I'm sure next year will be easier because he will be a little bit older.  Thanks to Reid and James for helping me with all the "man" stuff since my man wasn't there.  You both were seriously SO much help!

Until next year!!


Kaylee said...

I'm so glad you had a fun camping trip!! You are amazing to have handled all your boys alone--I couldn't have handled that! And Boston and Carter look like they did so well in swim lessons--great!

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